2ᵃ Calle de Ernesto Pugibet 21, Colonia Centro, Centro, 06000 CDMX, Mexico

19.429800 | 99.145360

In the center of Mercado de San Juan, one of the oldest markets in Mexico City lays Don Vergas Mariscos. It’s a simple booth with a kitchen and an open fire with 3 cook – Don is the man in charge and the visionary behind the fiery smoke filled citrus marinated fresh food being served at an 8 seated counter style food both. Open Friday – Sunday only and get there early, ll am sharp for the first serving. Get the marlin taco, octopus, shrimp and the crab claw ceviche if available. Ingredients are fresh.


Spicy fresh shrimp ceviche


Braised then grilled octopus legs with fire charred red onions


The indoor grill at the market


Owner and head chef at Don Vergas


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